Shawn W.

I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know this has been the first time I have used your moving service.
I have owned many homes and moved many times, including across country. I am also a realtor and of course seen many disastrous moves.
Mike, the crew leader, was a refreshing change having good manners, extensive knowledge on how to move things with care and a very patient team taking care of my belongings.
Mike also has a great mind for space and was able to move a 4 storey house in downtown Toronto to a split level home in Lindsay, Ontario and make it all work.
On move day Mike was well prepared and took direction from us well even when we were wrong but he correctly fixed our bad decisions, with never an “I told you so”.
I would recommend Mike and his team to any friend or client if they want a job done well with care. Thank you again.

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