Nick K.

The day of the move arrived with Johnny, Dan, Richard and Gary pulling up in our driveway on a gloomy snowy day. I was feeling the stress to be sure. The boys showed up in good spirits. Their playful attitude started to break-down my stress level. As Johnny surveyed the house he pulled out a hand written letter by Steffanie, our estimator, detailing specific instructions to be conveyed to the moving team. Johnny assured me there would be no bed bug issue. That moment took all my stress away. I realized that I picked the right moving company.
Then I stepped back and watched the boys tackle the move. The jokes and playful insults put a smile on my face. I was amazed at the level of intensity that was sustained for such a long period of time. These guys are relentless. What became really obvious and I must say I was not expecting this was the level of pride each one of the boys exhibited. The care that was taken with each piece of furniture and show of respect for my old house was comforting.
In closing I would like to direct the final shout-out to the dispatcher who assigned this veteran crew. Your decision made a world of difference. If I’m ever asked I would recommend Hudson Mover’s and Johnny’s crew.

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